Pūce Academy

Pūce Academy mission are to educate,to develop and evolve everyone, who want it. Classes are held for different levels of preparedness and ages. The main criterion for  Pūces Academy students are desire to learn and open yourself new world.

Positive, personal attention and practical training is the foundation for Pūces Academy teachers work with students. School teachers - director and producer Dace Pūce, composer Valts Pūce and cello teacher Dace Pūce. In Academy can learn acting, film directing, event production, music writing, arrangement and cello play.


More information : www.pucesakademija.lv

Movie Workshops

Workshops 2011

In cooperation with the European Union House in Latvia, four creative film-making workshops were held from March to June 2011 in the cities of Riga, Cesis and Ventspils. This project was developed and lead by Marana Productions director Dace Puce.

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Workshops 2012

In cooperation with Latvia’s Ministry of Culture, the fifth Creative Film-making Workshop was held in April 2012, in the city of Daugavpils.

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