Workships 2011

In cooperation with the European Union House in Latvia, four creative film-making workshops were held from March to June 2011 in the cities of Riga, Cesis and Ventspils. This project was developed and lead by Marana Productions director Dace Puce.

The creative film-making workshop „From Idea to Film” provided participants the opportunity to spend three days working as script-writers, actors, directors, camera operators and artists and, in doing so, learning not only how to make a film, but also how to work as a team, which a very important element of success in the movie industry. These workshops were like a crazy race through cinematography, which pushed participants to gain skills that enable them to tell a story using film as the medium. While it takes a few years of higher education to gain the necessary knowledge and skills in depth, these workshops were an excellent way to gain an understanding, in a short time period, of the basic components of movies. The goal of these creative workshops was not to train industry professionals, but to inform, engage and help hopefuls gain an understanding of the term cinematography. Three one-minute films were created during the course of the workshop. The entire film-making process was also filmed, in order to create a documentary short, „Behind the scenes”.


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